2020 Training Fees

Training per month $400.00 Discount for multiple horses

Mileage - $0.40 a mile round trip per horse

Includes grain, hay and supplements. Horses will be paste wormed every 2 months. Vet fees, farrier or any other special needs will be billed to the owner.

Carl Mitz Equine Dental will check horses twice a year. Once in spring and once at National show. Farm call will be split by all owners with horses in training and myself. All fees for work performed on the horses such as floats, wolf teeth ect. will be billed to the owner.

Any equipment broken will be billed to owners at cost

All horses need their own sheet, blanket and show harness.

Prefer owners to supply show cart and transport their show cart to the show.

Show Fees:

Miscellaneous expenses: Includes: Hotels or RV Space rental, tack and grooming stalls, entry fees, shavings and any other miscellaneous expenses. Fees be split by number of clients going to the show.

Show Prep per show: $10 per day shown per horse (includes all lotions, sprays, hoof paint and anything else the horse needs for show prep. No clipping fee for local shows.

AMHR Nationals, Shetland Congress and AMHA World Show fees: Include all show fees above and Lounge or display area, feed room, tack/cart rooms and grooming area at the the National, Congress or World show if setup. A $75.00 clipping fee will be charges for Nationals or World shows. Depending on the show schedule horses may need clipped more than once at shows. A $50.00 fee will be charged if additional clipping is needed.

Any balance unpaid for more than 30 (thirty) days shall also be charges interest at the rate of 10% (percent) monthly